About "Red"

Michael Cade Riley, also known as Red to us and many of his friends, left us at God’s perfect time on September 16, 2017. He left this world on the banks of the South Fork of the San Gabriel River on his way to do what he loved most, fishing.
In his 15 years on this earth, his impact on others was infectious. He wanted to be part of showing and sharing God’s power to the world. Cade did just that on a daily basis. Whether it was lifting someone’s spirits at school, to playing with younger kids at his brother’s baseball tournaments or helping a friend catch their first fish, I guess you could say the old proverb rings true about Cade. Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Cade’s happiness will feed the friendships he made and the many hearts he touched for a lifetime.
Cade was a proud student of Liberty Hill High School. In addition to his love of lacrosse, at LHHS he followed his other passion of football. He loved being part of the team and the Liberty Hill Community.
The Cade Riley Memorial Fishing Tournament or “Rippin’ Lips for Red” is a way to keep Cade's natural spirit of giving and potential for impacting the world alive. All proceeds from the tournament and raffle will go to the Cade Riley Memorial Fund managed by the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation. These funds will provide scholarships for local students, and support community youth organizations.